What is Waifu Diffison 1.4 Tagger?

Image to text model created and maintained by MrSmilingWolf, which was used to train Waifu Diffusion.

Please ask the original author MrSmilingWolf#5991 for questions related to model or additional training.

Tagger for Automatic1111's WebUI

Interrogate booru style tags for single or multiple image files using various models, such as DeepDanbooru.

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I didn't make any models, and most of the code was heavily borrowed from the DeepDanbooru and MrSmillingWolf's tagger.


  1. Extensions -> Install from URL -> Enter URL of this repository -> Press Install button
    • or clone this repository under extensions/
$ git clone https://github.com/picobyte/stable-diffusion-webui-wd14-tagger.git extensions/tagger
  1. (optional) Add interrogate model
  │ ├╴project.json
  │ └╴...
  │ ├╴project.json
  │ └╴...
  │ ├╴project.json
  │ └╴...
  1. Start or restart the WebUI.
  • or you can press refresh button after Interrogator dropdown box.
  • "You must close stable diffusion completely after installation and re-run it!"

Model comparison

Model comparison


Artwork made by hecattaart

Public domain, except borrowed parts (e.g. dbimutils.py)

Project Address

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